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Poet Blake has issues with her overprotective brothers, not the least of which is her determination to diversify their outdated farming practices. She has her work cut out for her when they give her the responsibility of running the family farm stay business which has been built on their land.


Archer Quatrain is a returned soldier living with PTSD who has qualifications in animal-assisted therapy. He has been employed by the Blakes to run therapy programs for their guests. Archer moves to Lyric Creek Farm with his service dog plus six horses that he uses for equine therapy.


Poet and Archer feel an instant attraction but because of their age difference, Archer pushes her away. Poet challenges him to embrace their feelings and Archer gives into temptation. Poet’s brothers do not approve of the romantic relationship.


When Poet is kidnapped, Archer must overcome his anxiety and stand up to her brothers if there is to be any chance of saving her.

Book no.1
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