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Lawson Blake has had the weight of the world on his shoulders since taking over Lyric CreekFarm after the death of his father, although that's not the only event that has turned him into a perpetually miserable man. He has been taking his moods out on his siblings, Banjo and Poet, for many years, but they have finally had enough and challenged him to change, not only his behaviour but also his outdated method of farming.


Muse Madden is an expert on modern farming practices. She has been employed by Banjo to analyze their farm and develop a plan of diversification that will provide for future generations. Muse is a strong, determined woman who refuses to allow anyone to disrespect her. She is known for being fiery and is destined to clash with Lawson.


Tempers flare but will Lawson's stubbornness cause him to crash and burn or can he lowerhis defences so the sparks of love may ignite?

Book no.1
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