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Makena Kelly receives the unexpected news that her mother has only days to live. Leaving work to hastily pack a bag at home, she finds her husband in the shower with her best friend. Makena’s life is falling apart, but she continues the long drive to be with her mother at the seaside holiday park which has been in their family for generations.

Jared Preston is divorced and lives on-site with his six-year-old son Sam, who was born with Down Syndrome. Despite being the heir to Preston’s Department Stores, he chooses to live a simple life for the sake of his son.

Makena takes an instant dislike to Jared, and he dubs her a “Princess” in return, yet he offers to help her renovate the holiday park which is at risk of insolvency.

Can they overcome their mutual dislike and the betrayal of their previous spouses to have a future together?

Book no.1
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