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Recent widow and single parent, Doctor Keziah North learns that she was given up for adoption. She takes her three-year-old son, Jarrah from the Outback to the city in search of her birth family.

Widower and single parent to three-year-old Billy, Mason Adams is the executor of the Pope estate. It is his responsibility to inform Keziah that her inheritance is substantial and to explain the history of the family.

The transition is difficult for Keziah but as Mason supports her, they fall in love. Together they uncover letters written over three generations which when pieced together reveal a chilling and tragic saga in which both their ancestors are connected. But when Mason is blindsided by information about his deceased wife, his reaction threatens to destroy his newfound relationship with Keziah.

Will learning the truth of the past bring Keziah the peace she anticipated, or as prophesied by Alira, the Warlpiri Elder, leave her in tears as history repeats itself?

Book no.1
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