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Recent widow and single parent, Alexis Jordan learns that her husband had a brother she never knew existed. When he turns up at the funeral and insists on marrying her as per his ultra-orthodox Jewish faith, she takes her seven-year-old daughter, Kennedy across to Tasmania to stay with her brother in their childhood home.

Divorced single parent to seven-year-old Bridie, Conor Kennedy is still angry with his ex-wife for choosing drugs and a life of crime over their daughter. He returns to his hometown to work as a teacher, secure in the knowledge that his ex-wife is in prison. When Alexis enrols Kennedy at the local school she comes face to face with her teenage sweetheart, Conor who quickly realises that he is in fact, Kennedy’s biological father.

Both Alexis and Conor are haunted by the sins of the past. Can they learn forgiveness and heal as individuals so they can truly have a second chance at love?

Book no.1
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