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After eight years away, Banjo Blake returns to his home at Lyric Creek Farm to live and work with his siblings. He witnesses a motorbike accident which leaves Matilda Corriganbadly injured. When Banjo learns that Matilda has no family, he takes her to the farm to recuperate. Matilda figures that the farm is as good a place as any to hide from the Black Crow Bikersuntil she can walk again. As she becomes close to the Blake family, she fears that her presence could put them all in danger.


When Banjo professes his love for her, she realises that to have a future with him, she must deal with her past. Matilda bravely makes a statement to the police but refuses witness protection because she knows that the Black CrowBikers have moles in the force.


Can Banjo protect Matilda from those who want her permanently silenced or will the BlackCrow Bikers get away with another murder?

Book no.1
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